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Effective communication is crucial for every business or organisation, and email marketing has become an incredible tool for enhancing communication between companies and their targeted audience. One of the essential aspects of the email marketing program is email blast, a feature that enables you to communicate with a wide range of people simultaneously.

If you are interested in improving your use of email marketing to attract clients and to communicate quickly, then you should learn about email blasts in detail. In this article, we will explain email blasts and show you how best to use them to get maximum results. 

What is an Email Blast?

An email blast simultaneously sends a single email message to an extensive email list or list of email subscribers. Email blasts are also known as mass emails, broadcast emails, eblasts, bulk emails, or email campaigns.

The ability to send the same email to multiple people in a few seconds makes communication very easy for businesses and effectively attracts and retains clients. Email blasts are mainly used for promotional content, advertisements, and newsletters. The recipients cannot reply to the emails but can access links to engage with the company. 

However, the recipients of an email blast are not targeted strategically, so everyone in the email list will get the message whether it resonates with all of them or not. Still, if you use it correctly, you can get better results. As we progress in this guide, we will show you how to use email blasts.

How Does an Email Blast Work

An email blast works by sending the same email to everyone on an email list; it is not segmented, personalised or targeted. So, the email is sent to everyone without considering their interests, needs, or past interactions.

Users love to read emails that address them personally, but an email blast isn’t personalised, which is why it is not meant to be used for everything; even though it is excellent for sending any message, it is best when it is used to send promotional content, ads, tips, updates and more, these are things that your subscribers can relate with generally. 

How to Send an Email Blast

Many companies, both big and small, use email blasts to get fantastic marketing results because they have learned how to do it the right way. So, now that you understand what an email blast is follow these steps to send your first blast email. 

Choose an Email Blast Service Provider

The first and most important step in sending an email blast is choosing an email marketing platform; these platforms let you create an email list, segment the list, and send blast emails, among many other email marketing services.

There are so many email marketing platforms you can choose from, but Segnivo offers one of the most reliable, affordable, and beginner-friendly email marketing platforms. We provide many pre-made email templates that are easily customisable to help you get started when sending your first email blast.

To get started, visit Segnivo’s website and create an account. We offer a free trial, which you can enjoy while getting acquainted with all our services. After registration, you will see your Segnivo dashboard, where you can access your email list and send blast emails. 

Segment Your Email List

An email list consists of all the email addresses to which you can send messages. Now, you will segment your email list, selecting the people most likely to be interested in the blast email you intend to send. You can segment your list based on age, location, gender, interests, purchase history, etc.

Email list segmentation can significantly reduce the issue of non-personalised emails, which we discussed earlier, and it can make email blasts more effective by sending targeted emails to those who will be interested in them.

Write an Engaging Email Copy

After segmenting your email list, it is time to consider the type of content each segment of subscribers will be interested in; for example, if a group of subscribers has previously made purchases, you can send them an email advertising similar products or services. 

Your email copy should provide essential and brief information about your business, explaining the perks and benefits of your products and services. It should also have an attention-grabbing header that will be difficult for your audience to ignore. Also, the email content should have a specific message for a segment of your subscribers that resonates with their interests.

The email templates on Segnivo will go a long way to help you easily create an email copy that will generate incredible results for your business.

Use a Call to Action (CTA)

Do not forget the place of a captivating CTA when drafting your email. A call to action is a prompt or guide that tells your audience the action to take after reading your email. It can prompt them to make a purchase, read your website content, or browse your products and services.

Ensure your CTA is bold and captivating; it should stand out from the rest of the email content. It will also be good to use bright colours to encourage more clicks from your audience. 

Send Your Emails Blast 

This action is just like sending a regular email, but thanks to email marketing platforms like Segnivo, this singular action can send your email to a long list of subscribers at the same time, and it will only take a few seconds.

So now that everything is done, you can send your email blast; everyone on your email list will get it at the same time. At Segnivo, you can also schedule your email blast and set when you want the messages to be delivered.

Track and Measure Your Results 

After sending the email, tracking and measuring your results is essential so you will know which strategies work best and how you can continue to improve and get better results for your business. 

Some email marketing metrics to track your results include:

  • CTR: This tells you how many subscribers clicked on the link in your email after opening it. 
  • Unsubscribe Rate: This tells you how many users unsubscribe from your emails.
  • Conversion Rate: This tells you how many users followed your call to action after reading the email. 

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Email blasts have offered an incredible opportunity for businesses and organisations to reach out to a wide range of audiences, generate leads and keep their subscribers engaged. 

It makes it very easy to pass information, and it takes just a little time to set it all up and send the emails. Hopefully, this guide has cleared all your questions about email blasts and can help you get started. The best part is that email blast services are affordable if you use Segnivo. So do not hesitate anymore; register at Segnivo to send your first email blast right away.


How do you Send an Email Blast?

To send an email blast, you must register with a reliable email marketing platform like Segnivo, which offers eblast services. Then, you can import your email list, write your email, and send it to your list of subscribers. 

Are Email Blasts Spam?

An email blast is not spam, but because people do not use it properly, it can become offensive to your audience; for example, sending irrelevant emails and too many emails can make people unsubscribe since they will see it as spam. So, follow the guidelines we have provided to use email blasts correctly.  

Are Email Blasts Effective?

Email blasts are very effective if you use them well; without segmentation and personalisation, your emails will be sent to everyone on your list, which means the email might not resonate with many of them. However, if you divide your subscribers into small groups based on demographics and interests, they can get emails that are useful to them, and this way, you will get effective results quickly. 

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