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Email service providers offer the ability to contact your customers and prospects in a permissive way. It is strictly permission-based, which is very effective for increasing sales, generating leads, and retaining existing customers through consistent engagement. 

An email service provider can help you improve brand awareness and keep you top of mind with your customers, so you can see why it is essential for marketing. If you have never used an email service provider, this guide will teach you about it and recommend some of the best ones you can try, even as a beginner. 

What is an Email Service Provider?

An email service provider (ESP) is a software that allows people to create emails, send them, and manage an email list. It is used to facilitate email marketing campaigns.

With ESPs, you can easily send emails to a list of subscribers; however, they are focused on sending bulk emails, and they differ from email software like Gmail and Outlook. An email software only allows you to create an email account and send and receive emails. But an email service provider will enable you to access more advanced features like analytics, bulk email sending, personalisation, automation, and better email delivery.

An ESP also allows you to create targeted, personalised, and automated email campaigns, and they are specifically designed for email marketers.  

Recommended Email Service Providers

There are several email service providers you can choose from, but over the years, a few of them have proven to be reliable and effective. Here are 5 reputable ESPs you can try; they are beginner-friendly and can give you the results you desire. 


Email Service Provider

Segnivo is a simple yet reliable and effective digital marketing platform that offers email services and many other digital marketing tools to help you increase traffic to your website and engage customers via email. It is suitable for both small and big businesses and is fully customisable. 

In addition, Segnivo is beginner-friendly, with a comprehensive user interface, so it is very easy to adapt to the platform even if you are a new marketer. Segnivo offers a free 14-day trial with a basic plan for as low as $5 per month. They also have more advanced plans with better features at higher prices. Its affordability is very beneficial for new marketers and small businesses looking to create solid relationships with their prospects.

Constant Contact 

Email Service Provider

Constant Contact is one of the most reputable ESPs for small businesses; if you want to grow your list as a beginner, this ESP will be very effective for you. Aside from their email functionality, their services are pocket-friendly, starting at $9.99 per month, and an advanced plan is available at $45 per month. In addition, Constant Contact can easily integrate with social media ads to help you reach a wider audience and keep your socials engaged. 

Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

Email Service Provider

Bravo is a popular email service provider with various features to help you reach your marketing goals. This ESP allows for easy segmentation with unlimited lists and groups. It is beginner-friendly and has a simple drag-drop user interface. 

The platform offers a free plan, but the paid plan has more advanced features and is $25 monthly. It is one of the most affordable ESPs with comprehensive marketing tools, making it an excellent option for big and small businesses. 

Campaign Monitor

Email Service Provider

If you are looking for an ESP with numerous template options, Campaign Monitor may be an excellent option; this ESP has some of the best template builders, making it easier for users to create custom on-brand emails. It has a friendly interface and a drag-drop editor, which makes email creation simple for beginners. 

The best part is that Campaign Monitor also has a fantastic broken link tool that scans your emails regularly and alerts you if something is broken. The basic plan is $9 per month with some limited features, but they also have an unlimited plan for $29 per month and a premier plan for $129 per month. 


Email Service Provider

Convertkit is best for digital creators looking to start a newsletter; it is very popular amongst content creators and small business owners because of its numerous offers, from landing pages to forms, and a built-in e-commerce engine. It can also be integrated with many CRMs and website builders. In addition, it is customisable and free for up to 300 subscribers, but the paid plan starts at $9 per month.

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Email service providers play crucial roles in any successful digital marketing strategy; they create the best opportunity for businesses to reach out to a broader audience and build more personalised relationships with their customers and prospects through services like email templates, list management, email automation, and so on. 

However, while there are so many ESPs available, not all of them are efficient and reliable, so you must carefully consider the functionalities you want and your budget to sort for the best ESP. Still, if you are looking for the most efficient and budget-friendly ESP, Segnivo will be an excellent choice for you.  


Can the Email List be Segmented With an ESP?

Yes, users can segment their email list with an email service provider; this is one of the basic functions you should look out for when selecting an ESP because there won’t be automation and target marketing without email segmentation. With Segnivo, you can segment your email list and automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly, even as a beginner. 

Does an ESP Support SMS/MMS Marketing

Some advanced email service providers, especially those designed for e-commerce businesses, support SMS/MMS marketing. If this is a feature you want, ensure you confirm it before buying any plan on an ESP because not all of them support this type of marketing. 

Can you Share Posts on Social Media With an ESP? 

Many ESPs can be integrated with social media, allowing you to share posts on any social media platform; this can significantly boost your brand visibility and reach more targeted prospects. 

Does an ESP Allow Automated Emails and Drip Campaigns? 

Email service providers allow automated emails, and most of them also allow drip campaigns. However, some of these features will depend on your paid plans.

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